Have you ever read Breakfast at Tiffany’s? I would love to have a calling card that says: Jennifer Mason-Black, Traveling. However, it would not be useful to me, as I am never traveling.

Except now.

More precisely, I will be away in the woods in a tent, completely unplugged from the world, except when I check back with home periodically. When I am not hiking, or examining moon snails, or wandering much larger shores than I normally do, I will be rediscovering the thrill of writing in a notebook. By hand. With a pen. That is what one does when camping.

Were I the sort of person who thinks ahead, there might be blog posts to come while I am away. I am not that kind of person. This is not that kind of blog. This is the kind of blog that will be completely silent for days, at which point everyone will have given up all hope that there will ever be posts again.

But there will. I’ll be back with stories about camping. I promise.

In the meantime, a few notes. I’ve updated my list of forthcoming publications. There are a few new things. I apparently have something coming out every month between July and October, and likely two things one of those months. That is both exciting and odd.

Also, Phoenix is now available everywhere. By that, I mean also at Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and Rainbow eBooks, along with Musa and Amazon. I think that’s the full list.

I should be back to posting around June 22. It will be summer here.

Until then, live boldly and dream of wild things.