1. Nights that are suddenly cool to the point that we have to close the windows.
2. Sunlight that somehow misses my bedroom window completely in the morning.
3. Wasps turning aggressive and angry as they rage against the dying of the light.
4. School buses rushing up and down our road like wild roaring dragons.
5. Birds massing in great flocks in the trees.
6. Thoughts about chimneys, and heating houses, and how best to do so in ways that won’t require inviting the fire department by in the evening.
7. A new homeschool schedule just as crazy as the old summer one.
8. Goldenrod gorgeousness in every open field, everywhere!
9. Thousands of college students descending upon the area, eager to drive fast and to wander grocery store aisles very very slowly.
10. Ends. Beginnings. Cycles and circles.