It’s a tad nippy currently, the sort of cold that makes me consider sleeping with the pipes in the basement to encourage them to stay warm.

I’m going to start something new here, hopefully next week. I’m lining up writers to interview about their writing, and their approach to writing, and where their writing grows from, and anything else that makes its way onto my list of questions. I’m unbearably curious about most things, and writing even more so. Not so much the “and then I sent out ten queries letters and got an agent and had an auction” end of things, but rather the itch that makes a writer write. And conducting interviews gives me an excellent excuse to be nosy. I have my first writer ready, a wonderful poet, and I can’t wait to start.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my post for The Next Big Thing blog hop. If you’re not familiar with it, check out M.E. Garber’s post here.

Actually, let’s say that I’ll be back here tomorrow as long as I don’t end up an icicle first.