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Three things

First, a PSA. It’s turtle season, at least in New England. Turtles are slow on land, and they tend to either amble faster or hide in their shells when frightened. Neither action does much to protect them from cars. This time of year, female turtles are hunting for nesting sites, and their journey often requires crossing roads. Around where I live, it means they’re venturing across winding rural highways, and many don’t survive.

Please, if you can, help them cross (always in the direction they are already traveling). If you can’t stop, at least watch for them in areas where roads border water. I thank you. Future generations of turtles thank you.

Second, if you like contests, consider checking out the Musa Memorial Day Blog Hop. Lots of contests, lots of opportunities to win a variety of ebooks!

Third, there’s still time to enter my thoroughly puzzling contest. There are also awesome entries now! They make me smile. I invite everyone to join them, though if no one else does, I think it may end up being a contest composed entirely of winners.

The contest contest

I’ve been absent here due to general hectic life stuff. I’ve been revising Wren in depressing little stretches, and it’s been making me a little blue. I’m looking forward to things evening out so that I spend less time in the car and more time being productive in concrete ways.

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to come up with a contest. I have a secret dislike of contests, mostly because I’m the least winning person in the history of the world. Give me a contest in which 99% of contestants win, and I’ll be the one getting the pat on the back as someone whispers “not sure how she could have lost that one.”

But I have a copy or two of Phoenix available, and I’d like to figure out how to offer them up. Perhaps the answer is this: the contest should be coming up with a suitable contest. Give me a contest designed to highlight skills that are under-appreciated or all but unknown, or that involves clowns and monkeys. Give me a contest that allows those who never win to win.

And give it to me at some point in the next week. I’ll leave this post open to comments about contests, either a design or your least/most winning moment, until next Thursday evening (May 31). After that, I’ll invite my kids to help pick a winning entry in some random way, one most likely involving blindfolds. The winner(s) will get a copy of Phoenix in their format of choice. (If the number of entrants is higher than I suspect, there will be two winners.)