This spring has been terribly dry. We’ve had fire warnings every day for weeks now, thanks to the lack of rain and the steady wind. Now? Torrential rain possible for the next twenty-four hours. The wind has changed, the air has changed, the half-unfurled leaves on the trees wait patiently for a little water to speed them on their way.

Today also brings another dead person at the door story, this time by Peter Cooper and published in Kaleidotrope. “Dead on the Doorstep” has a very different feel than last week’s read. It’s funny! I love the interactions between the two women. I love the end. (I also have to wonder whether Australia has an epidemic of returning dead, given the fact that both S.E. Gale and Peter Cooper are Australian.)

I didn’t find either a subscription or a donation link for Kaleidotrope. Rather than suggesting donations, I’ll suggest reading the rest of the current issue if you enjoy this story.