I’m sitting on some news. Due to a little poor impulse control on my part, I already spilled it hither and yon yesterday, but I decided to wait for a contract before saying more here. For now, let’s leave it at I sold a story and met a goal, and it feels good.

Mostly today, I’ve been thinking about K.D. Wentworth. I confess that I’ve never read any of her fiction. I know her solely through her role as first judge for Writers of the Future. Aside from an honorable mention certificate signed by her (for “Sea Glass”) amidst all the clutter at my desk, I claim no personal connection to her.

But there’s this: she dedicated herself to reading through a great number of stories by fledgling writers four times a year. She wrote thoughtful critiques for the semi-finalists each quarter. The memories of her being shared online speak of a caring woman who did much to support other writers. She was, for many of the contestants, the human heart of the contest machine. It is no small legacy she leaves behind.

My thoughts are with her family and friends today.