My computer is in a corner with a glass door to one side of it. Last summer, when I was up late, a big moth came bumbling around against the glass, the way moths do. I kept watching it until something else caught my eye.

The something else was a gorgeous gray tree frog slowly climbing up the glass, big sticky toes all splayed out. The moth continued its unconcerned bumbling. Surely the moth will–, I thought, just about the time the frog made his move. In an instant, all that remained of the moth was the tip of its wing in the corner of the frog’s mouth. The frog paused for a moment, then continued climbing up the door.

He’s back today, or one of his brethren is. He’s sleeping on the deck. He looks very much like lichen, gray and speckled…actually, here’s a whole article about gray tree frogs. Crazy cool creatures.

On a writing note, the estimable Samuel Mae is starting two new series of posts on his blog, one on new speculative fiction markets, and one on token and semi-pro markets of note. The first post is here, and I highly recommend checking it out. Good stuff!