Hey! It makes it really hard to wait in line at the Registry when the Registry’s not in the place it’s supposed to be! Totally great that the nice man wearing this tee shirt was able to take my check eventually, but it would have been even more awesome had I been able to find his office where the website said it would be.

But that’s all water under the bridge. You don’t want to hear about that. You want to hear about winners. The answer? Everyone wins! That’s how I play this game. At least that’s how I play it when I have three awesome contestants. Mary and Julia, if you’d like a copy of Phoenix, please email me with your preference as to file type. I can send you either a PDF or something suitable for a Kindle or a Nook. Are there more types? I think they’re all available. Just let me know. My email is on the About Me page.

What about Nancy? Nancy is the sort of person who is unfailingly supportive. Nancy is the kind of woman who will listen to a garbled message on an answering machine and manage to pluck out the essential “please enter a contest on my blog so I’m not lonely” bit and go right out and do it. In short, Nancy is the kind of friend every writer needs.

So she doesn’t get a copy of Phoenix. Instead, she gets a hard copy of Wren, hopefully in another week or so. Prize or punishment? It remains to be seen.

Thanks for playing!