It’s the table of contents for the inaugural issue of Specutopia! Yes, that is my name right in the middle of it.

How I ended up there is kind of a funny story. I’m not going to share the whole thing, mostly because it would involve confessing to being a flake at times, and I’m not in a confessional mood. But I will tell you that it all started with checking my spam. Look, I said to myself, an email from Specutopia. They must want me to subscribe.

Things got more confusing from there. Somewhere around the point of seeing “Ash and Dust” I figured out that it was a personal email. At an even later point it sunk in that, rather than being the recipient of the world’s most personal subscription request, I was being invited to submit a story. Some days I’m appallingly slow.

Anyway, “Water Child” will be appearing in Specutopia in July. It looks like an exciting lineup, and I encourage everyone to buy a copy next month. I promise to say a little more about “Water Child” then.