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The view from the window behind my computer has changed slightly since before the wind began to blow on Monday. A dead tree fell, leaving behind fresh yellow shards of wood. We were lucky, here in the woods. Far luckier than many other places, and I am thinking of those people today.

The final story of the Great 2012 Publishing Spree now has a publication date. “This Place From Which All Roads Go” will go out to Daily Science Fiction readers on November 9, and will be available on their website beginning November 16. I’ll have more to say about it then. It involves magic and farmers and loss. And water, again.

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately, but the gap between thinking and writing things down is huge right now. I’m maybe a third of the way through a new story at the moment, which feels like an accomplishment. It’s one of those stories that seems very simple at first, and then inflates itself into something entirely more demanding once the first few pages are down, but I think it will work.

That’s more or less where things stand at the moment. I’ve been rereading a lot of books, and looking for new ones to work into the pile. I’ve been roasting a lot of root vegetables. I’ve been thinking I should take up knitting again, or maybe learn to embroider. Something I can do with my hands.

I’ve been here. How are you?


  1. We’re in the same boat – I’m also working on a story that’s become more complicated than I originally thought.

    I’m so glad you got through the storm ok. Even here in Toronto one person died and there was a bit of property damage from it!

    • We were lucky with the storm. I have one brother in Brooklyn, and another that drove down to Virginia yesterday, and things are much grimmer to the south.

      Are you feeling challenged by your story in an invigorating or frustrating way? I haven’t quite decided about mine. 🙂

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