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Daily Science Fiction ranks pretty high on my list of places to send stories. They did, after all, publish my first story. First story ever, anywhere. I’d had my name on agricultural newsletters full of details of insect outbreaks, and on some painfully dry research papers, but never fiction. And firsts, as we all know, are memorable. I’m not sure there will ever be anything in publishing quite as sweet as that very first yes.

Since then, they’ve published another of my stories, one that I love. More important than what they’ve done for me personally, is what they’ve done for short speculative fiction as a whole. By publishing five stories a week, at professional rates, they’ve opened doors for many fledgling writers trying to find a way onto the publication highway, while also supporting more established writers.

And for the past two years, they’ve done it all for free. Free access to archived stories on the website, free subscription to receive daily stories via email. Free chances to read work by writers you have and haven’t heard of before, stories that you might never have thought to try otherwise.

DSF is currently running a Kickstarter to raise money for the next six months of stories. If you like speculative fiction, or short stories, or creative ventures, or even my writing, consider chipping in a little something. If nothing else, you’ll continue to have access to all DSF offers, and gain a little good karma along the way. If you’re a writer, and you’re up for a larger donation, a number of DSF contributors have volunteered story critiques as a reward. Including me, so if having my roundabout thoughts scribbled all over your short story sounds like a good time, head on over and donate.


  1. Done and done. I love my regular hit of DSF.

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