Mike Dariano is the kind soul that tweeted to me about the notable stories list with The King’s Huntsman on it last week. He runs a blog where writers and other interesting people (are there actually uninteresting people?) list their three favorite things to read, watch, and use. It’s a fun space to browse, and full of good ideas. I encourage people to check it out.

If my gentle encouragement is not reason enough to click on the link, my own list of threes will be there on October 4. Yes, another exciting chance to travel the blogosphere with me, completely free of charge and without any danger. I’ll slap up a reminder up on the 4th, just in case anyone neglects to mark it in their datebook. In the meantime, do consider stopping in and exploring some of the other entries.

In related travel news, I’m actually going someplace this fall! Someplace out of state, out of New England even! I’ll be traveling in Virginia and D.C., and returning home via Gettysburg. Some Civil War exploration, some visiting friends, some museum stuff, and a wedding. Okay, maybe the wedding should come first on that list. The thing about great little brothers is that you can’t help but be happy when they are, like on their wedding day.

Life is good.