Greetings from the last days of snow

Did you miss me?

Hopefully not. Hopefully, your life has been so unbearably rich and full that you haven’t had even a minute in which to think, oh, that blogger, the driftwood one, where has she gone?

If that’s not the case, if you’ve been checking your email every day, hoping for my return, I apologize. But don’t tell me. Make me believe you haven’t noticed I’ve been missing.

I should be back to my usual erratic schedule. There is sun now, and less snow than there was, and the chickadees have started their hey, come here often call in place of their it’s winter and yet I’m still cheerful call, so I have to assume spring is near. The kids and I had a snowball fight the other day with bare hands and wet snow, which tells me I also forgive winter and will be ready to see her once she comes round again.

But for now I have no interest in thinking about anything but the possibility of open windows and warm breezes in the near future. Is it warm where you are? Have you, by any chance, seen grass? There will be no green around my house for some time still. I’m trying to appreciate the moon on the snow instead. A night hike might be the perfect thing to do.

Tell me something about how your winter has been. Unless, of course, you’ve been enjoying some other season, in which case you should work on making me jealous. Trust me, it won’t be hard.


  1. We have grass here. Grass that is floating on top of bottomless pits of mud. Ahh, the joys of living in a rainforest.

  2. We had grass here, yesterday. Today it’s all white and cold again. Of course it had to happen–last evening we adopted an older dog, who now needs to walk outside, on leash, multiple times daily. In the snow. She is a very sweet old girl, but I think her name might be a curse; she’s called Winter. (sigh)

    • Congrats on your new (old) pup! Even if she comes with a bit more winter, she’s still a reason to celebrate!

      I did see a bit of grass today, elsewhere, of course. I suppose I should be grateful that the storm that could have hit us today went elsewhere.

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