Recommendation for a cold day

It’s warming up here, but it’s still much too cold to type, or think, or go out to buy wool for a hat, which I must do momentarily. For those of you hiding from the cold, may I suggest this spectacular piece by Terri Windling on the perils of perfectionism? Read it. Imagine what 2015 might be like, were the Infernal Editors driven out once and for all. The world hungers for bravery and honesty. Let go of the need to please and give it the stories it craves.


  1. Thank you! I really needed to see this again, just now. And from her previous post, I love the idea of the 10th Muse being Oblivion, or “Muse of the Waste Basket.” 🙂 I am adopting this. My trash is now a temple to a Muse.

  2. cosmicdriftwood

    January 12, 2015 at 2:41 pm

    For some reason my account periodically refuses to tell me there are any comments. Sorry about that, M.E. I hope your muse is treating you kindly. I’m currently dedicating myself to the Sisterhood of Finishing The Story. I’ve fallen out of practice.

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