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For those of you who like to to join me in my occasional voyages across the internet, today I am at Adventures in YA Publishing, discussing how to write correctly. (Spoiler: I don’t really have an answer.)

In other news, it has been warm, then cold, then warm, then cold here. It’s a race to see if we can feed out the last of the birdseed before the bears appear. The daffodils have been growing off and on all winter, while the chickadees have been telling us it’s spring for about a month now. I picked a fine year to try snow tires for the first time ever.

Be well. Tell me something happy–I would dearly love to hear it.


  1. I think my tiny potted orange tree’s blossoms will open today! Also, I spotted a male bluebird checking out our birdhouse last week, and today I saw a cedar waxwing eating berries to fuel its journey north, and discovered that the mockingbird is nesting in my holly tree again this year!

    • I once moved into a house on the night of a full moon, and a mockingbird sang outside the window all night long!

      There is so much comfort in watching spring come around again, isn’t there?

      • Yes, there is a great deal of comfort in watching the seasons spin and repeat their cycles. It reminds me that while nature is always different, it is not true chaos; it follows patterns, and we humans seem to find predictability good. Imagine that! 😉

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