Apparently this spring will come to be known as The Time In Which Jen Forgot All The Things She Was Supposed To Remember And Many Other Things It Would Have Been Nice To Remember. Yes, it’s that bad. I consider it a monumental accomplishment that our taxes made it in on time. It’s not that I need more calendars or reminders that go beep. I think the underlying issue is that I need time off. I need the chance to flush my brain out completely and start it up again, clean and shiny. There’s something in this getting older business that isn’t kind to brains.

Which also means I’ve forgotten to point out that I’ll be at the West Hartford Public Library in Connecticut tomorrow at 1:00, talking about books and publishing journeys with Carrie Firestone, Karen Fortunati, and Rebecca Podos. This afternoon I really should make some notecards to remember what to talk about. (Sample card: Main character is BLUE RILEY. Looking for her sister, CASS. Carries GUITAR. SPEAK UP JENNIFER.)

Aside from that? The birds are returning. Phoebes first, making it clear that the shed and the power line belong to them. The other day we drove past a deer and a turkey waiting by the side of the road together, most likely for Totoro’s Cat Bus. That same morning a bobcat bounded across the road by the beaver pond. Things are getting busy here.