January 24, 2017: Resistance

For the scientists and others at the EPA and USDA who are being gagged by brutal and ignorant ideologues;

For the brilliant tweeter at Badlands National Park and their defiant tweets of climate change information which have since been deleted;

For all the scientists who know what is right, what is true, who have devoted their lives to mapping out the damage we are doing to Earth and trying to find ways to right it, and who now find themselves trying to preserve their careful, thorough work;

For every woman who is facing the loss of her reproductive rights under this misogynistic regime, and for every woman who is working to save those rights, and every man as well;

For every woman, child, man, human who are afraid today, tonight, every day, who feel powerless and unheard and unsafe as their rights are stripped and this country pushes toward timid compliance;

For this Earth and her inhabitants, who are being sold for cheap oil and cheap goods, sold to fill the pockets of those whose pockets are already overflowing;

For all of you, let us say now that we will not go gentle into this or any night. Know that history will remember your bravery, your resilience, with love, just as it will remember the vicious politicians and their hatred and rapacious hunger for destruction in the way all bullies are remembered: with despise.

Know that we will speak, sing, write, paint, march, shout, sit, stand, dream, and show up as hard as we can, for as long as it takes. Know that you are not alone. Know that we are We The People. The Valiant Beautiful Imperfect Impossible Eternal Loving People.

We are made of stars. We have danced in the fires of suns. We have known despair, but we have also known brilliance. Now is the time for us to remember our origins. Now is the time we link together, atoms joining to molecules, as we were made to do. Now is the time we say no to the lies of supremacists, of bankers, of the wealthy few who see we the many as currency, not humanity.

But even more important, now is the time we say yes to each other, to our world, to the essence of our stellar hearts.

We will resist, and we will win.


  1. Magnificent manifesto! 😀

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