July 31, 2019

Where am I these days? Somewhere, somewhere is all I can say. Sometimes life cuts the guy wires you’ve raised to hold yourself in place, and that untethered space–the one where evolution comes calling with fingertips or claws–is hard to sit with and easy to want to fight. We grow like trees though, around the rocks, toward the sky. We are made to exist this way. We too are made to grow.

I’ll have more to say before long, including some cheerful news. In the meantime, this is the piece I wish I had written. Anger can’t build. Neither can fear. Love, though, love can give us the materials of which mountains are made and then teach us how to use them.

Hold tight to your people, dear ones, and hold tight to crickets and katydids, hummingbirds and owls, foxes and rabbits, asters and trees. Watch the moon rise, slip underwater and open your eyes, lay close enough to the ground that you can smell the soil and feel the life within it. Be small in the greatness around you, be thankful for the beating hearts of the wild and the tamed. Be loving and loved, be watchful for the moments when extra hands are needed, be prepared to witness pain and grief and joy.

Be more.

With great love,


  1. you have been on my mind so much lately – remembering our days together, talking babies and wrestling with life. sending you love.

  2. Back at’cha, m’dear. 🙂

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