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And for my next trick…

Today I demonstrate the all-around cleverness of the internet by appearing both here and elsewhere. If you’d like to read what I have to say about reading, please head over to Mera’s YA Book List for my guest post. You can also find guest posts by lots of other Euterpe authors there, as well as far more fun than there is to be had here. Also, open comments!

In other news, I am revising. It is slow. It makes me cranky. There is nothing more to be said about it.

Comments are open here too. Talk to me about revisions or how your summer has been. Distract me. I’ll be quite appreciative.

Tidbits rides again!

I woke up this morning to very excited children taking a picture of a garter snake resting in the top of the flowers just outside the bedroom window. I’ve seen snakes in plants before, but never just snoozing there. As soon as the sunlight hit the area, the snake was off on its snake business.

For those of you who enjoy reading reviews, a new one of Phoenix can be found here. I’m continually amazed by book bloggers. The thought of reading and reviewing multiple books a week exhausts me. I tip my hat to them.

Speaking of book bloggers, Mera’s YA Book List is hosting the Euterpe authors this week. There are daily blog posts and author/character interviews, as well as chances to win Euterpe books. I encourage everyone to drop by and check it out.