And for my next trick…

Today I demonstrate the all-around cleverness of the internet by appearing both here and elsewhere. If you’d like to read what I have to say about reading, please head over to Mera’s YA Book List for my guest post. You can also find guest posts by lots of other Euterpe authors there, as well as far more fun than there is to be had here. Also, open comments!

In other news, I am revising. It is slow. It makes me cranky. There is nothing more to be said about it.

Comments are open here too. Talk to me about revisions or how your summer has been. Distract me. I’ll be quite appreciative.


  1. Revisions. Hahahaheeehooooyooee! No,I’m not channeling Howard Dean. That’s me going insane. My novel is “finished” but that means nothing. Nothing. I have realized that while I have 26 chapters written (that took me 6 years to write) that doesn’t mean diddly squat. It doesn’t mean the book itself “hangs” together. Now, the slow laborious process of going through each chapter, revising, then looking at the novel as a whole to make sure that the story line(s) all make sense. I do this kind of work everyday as a freelance writer for 1200 word articles but that is child’splay compared to what I have facing me in the next few months. But do I like it? Nope, I love it. Which makes me certifiably insane.

    • There is something unbearably delicious about sorting through the pieces and making it into a seamless whole. My frustration is less with the work, and more with the headgames that go along with it for me. There are happier times when I’m content to curl around the novel like a cat with kittens. 🙂

      I hope your revisions go well, Marcia. It is crazy making, but also the most wonderful task in the world.

  2. Whew! I wrote a novel, once. It’s definitely the “novel under the bed.” Which means, of course, that I never had to revise it! Whew! Revising short stories is tough enough for me right now. I’ll say it again–you are BRAVE!

    On the lighter side, at least it’s neither raining nor scorching here, but that means I’m wanting even more to run outside and play. Sigh. Distraction over. Back to work…

    • I’ve been a zombie this week. Hiding in the bedroom, skipping most meals, babbling about word count and the finer details of armed combat that I have yet to research. Running outside to play is probably a much better idea. 🙂

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    I just read the portion of your story “She Walked Out The Door” that’s on The Sun’s website and, wow, I loved it! Your prose is seamless… it drew me right in and held me.

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