Impromptu Contest Day

It’s Friday, and it’s blessedly gray and rainy, and I am, without a doubt, the tiredest person on Earth. It’s a wonder that I’m even typing words at this point. (I am, right?)

It’s been a week of lots of good things for me. I’d like to hear about good things for other people now. Yes, it’s 1:40 on a Friday afternoon and I’m asking you to tell me your good news. Writing news is good. Rain on parched earth news is good. Getting eight consecutive hours of sleep news is awesome. Tell me what’s made your world a little brighter this week.

As an added bonus, let’s throw Phoenix in the mix. If you share good news and also want a copy of Phoenix, say so. If there’s more than one request, we’ll have one of our fabulous kid-run drawings and someone will win.

Comments are absolutely open. I’ll leave them that way until tomorrow evening.


  1. My write-a-thon story of the week (the last one! Yay!) is almost done! Diving back in to finish it now…

  2. This news isn’t writing related but I’m so relieved that a member of my family is out of the woods. She had some scary neurological symptoms a few weeks ago that landed her in the hospital.

    We still don’t know what the diagnosis is but she’s home safe now and may even be able to go back to work again soon.

    Hopefully that was upbeat enough! I really am deliriously happy that she’s doing better…it’s just been a tough couple of weeks for her and the family. It’s good to put a positive spin on these things, though.

    Oh, and I do _not_ need a copy of Phoenix as I’ve already read it. 🙂

    • Lydia, I’m so glad that your family member is home again. Neurological issues can be terrifying, and the process of diagnosis so slow and frustrating. I hope she continues to improve and is able to start work again.

      Absolutely good news. Thanks so much for sharing it! And I forgive you for not waiting around for a contest to read Phoenix. 🙂 (Thank you!)

  3. Hello Ms. Mason-Black – Just finished reading “She Walked Out the Door.” Wow. This story had me gripped in from start to finish. The trajectory is spot on. And the person usage right on. Thanks for this story in The Sun.

    p.s. I thought it was a non-fiction piece until I looked back in the TOC…


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