Comments are still open yesterday’s post, and I’d love to hear more good news! My good news for the day is that I’m off this evening to see my brother in a play. The nice thing about having a talented actor in the family is that it forces me out of the house and into theaters, something I love but almost never find time for unless my brother’s the star.

There’s a nice review of Specutopia available here. If you haven’t bought a copy yet, do consider checking it out. New publications need lots of love to help them grow.

When we were at the library on Thursday, I found the current copy of The Sun on the shelves. I had an overwhelming desire to bring it up to the front desk and explain that I’d been a patron of this library since I was five years old, and I’d finally made it inside the walls as a writer. I didn’t, but I did make my kids come and look at it with me. The world is full of enormous victories hidden from all but a few.