Q: What goes great with cold weather?

A: A chimney fire, of course. Preferably one that leaves you unable to heat your house until many things are fixed.

Yes, that’s my week in a nutshell. On the bright side, because it’s really necessary sometimes to find one, we saw a fox on the late night drive away from the house. More than that, the kids, pets, and I all managed to get out the door in what must have been a kid-pet-mom world-record setting time. And everyone is fine. And the exciting flames didn’t manage to set fire to the house, so it will be fine once it is warm again. And many, many more things.

But all in all, I have to say that 2012 is a year I’ll not grieve to see come to an end. It’s been rough on most everyone I know, much harder for many than it has been for us. As we limp our way into the darkest days of the winter, my thoughts are on all those small blessings, the everyday ones that are so easy to take for granted. Not even small, though they can be easily forgotten, things like family, like the certainty that spring follows on the heels of these cold times. Like having enough to be able to share.

If this has been a hard year for you, you’re not alone. If this has been a great year for you, it’s okay to feel good about it. Tell me how 2012 has treated you.


  1. That’s a bad deal and I’m sorry to hear that it happened, though very glad for you and yours that everyone/everything ‘else’ is ok.

  2. Ack! Terrible! But if all are safe, then tolerable if still not pleasant. I’m with you in wanting to see the backside of 2012 disappearing into the past. Not all has been bad, but the bad has far outweighed the good for me. Fortunately, hope springs eternal. ^_^ Good luck with your repairs; I’ll send warm thoughts your way.

    • Hope does spring eternal. If not, there would be nothing to write. My troubles this year have been relatively small compared to those of many others. It does feel like across the board this has been a year for testing people in all possible ways. I’m holding out hope for a shift as this year comes to close–also for no other reason than hope.

      I’m thinking safe transition thoughts for you.

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