Back again

I’m home. We have a working source of heat. Unfortunately, the house is roughly 50 degrees at the moment, which means hugging my cup of tea is less luxury and more necessity right now. There are far worse situations to be in, so I’ll hug my tea happily.

Good things of note: kind people are wonderful. I really don’t have any more to say on the subject. They just are.

I’ll come back soon to post something other than griping. (No, no exciting news or anything, just a promise to do more than complain.) In the meantime, I have to go rewrite a synopsis for Wren, and reassure the cats that they will not have to go live in a strange basement again anytime soon. Although the thought of napping in my own bed is a tantalizing one….


  1. Glad to hear that you are back home. May the heating issues resolve asap.

    And yay Wren!

    • We are warm now, thank you. 🙂

      As for Wren, synopsis still not rewritten. I give myself points for completing half.

      • Half is excellent. I am afraid of synopses, though I should probably write one for Bridgers. Still waiting for two beta reads to come back, but I am itching to do something.

        May I ask if you’re going to query Wren? 🙂

        • You may ask. 🙂 Am querying. Some requests. It appears I continue to be a bit quixotic when it comes to my choice of characters and situations in my novels.

          It’s hard to sit and wait for feedback when you’ve got all that forward momentum going after writing a novel, isn’t it?

  2. Yay requests. May something work out!

    Alas, my brain is already chewing on a sequel, which is a complete rewrite of that terrible thing I told you about.

    Not the prettiest thing in the world, my brain.

    • I’ve yet to meet a brain that is pretty. Most seem some combination of frayed and sparking wires. 🙂

      There is clearly something of power in that story for you. Being the starry-eyed dreamer I am, I have to assume that stories that persistent need to be written (or rewritten).

      • Mine is flabby, gray, and cockroachful.

        I am at this moment very happy with how Bridgers came out, but plunging again into the antihero narrative is going to be trying. I am possessed by it, so I don’t think I can stop.

        The publication process, unfortunately, only encourages brain cockroaches.

        • If by brain cockroaches, you mean suffering and misery, I’m right there with you. If you mean a wiggly itchy scratchy feeling, well, maybe not.

          If it possesses you, you are meant to write it. Just have stout supports nearby.

  3. If by brain cockroaches, you mean suffering and misery
    Yup. The cockroach is my inner critic. He ears spats.

    Having stout supports will be an issue with this one. Which is why, ideally, I would like to wait until I get all the feedback back and revise the current novel.

    But enough about me 🙂 Is it snowing at your place?

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