Did you know Tuesdays are the convention when it comes to days of the week on which to release new books? No? Me neither, at least not until some point last year, when I started to look at release calendars. You know what else I didn’t realize until recently? (Aside from the fact that I really can’t type and eat pancakes in bed at the same time? Yes, it’s true, I can’t do both things, and I am eating pancakes in bed, but it’s entirely my kids’ fault.) I didn’t understand quite how hard it is for new authors and their new books to be found by their readers.

Because of that, and because I’m reading a lot of ARCs (advance reader copies) this year, I thought I’d occasionally devote space on Tuesdays to highlight new releases I’ve read. And because there really is nothing better than connecting a reader and a book.

For this inaugural event, we have Shallow Graves by Kali Wallace, a well established writer of SFF short stories. You can check out her full list of stories here.

Shallow Graves was not what I expected, in all the best ways. I’m always appreciative at how much craft there is to good horror (and suspense). For the tension to be there, the characters have to involve the reader, and